SmiX.MODs Feed News Center Development

Abandoned 23rd October 2016

After long time, I've finally decided to stop any development for phpBB.
I've waited a very long time for phpBB to make a step forward for modifications and using the maximum of PHP, and as there is no visible progress, I've decided, that I can't wait for ever, so, from now, consider all my modifications for phpBB as abandoned.


As the development of SmiX.MODs Feed News Center (phpBB modification) progressed, it was firstly designed as a RSS agregator (and as the default parser was used lastRSS parser) and after that, many users requested to support ATOM and RDF feeds. So in version 0.3.x I had to remove the lastRSS parser and completely rework the parsing to be able to expand the parsing functionality with ATOM and also RDF.

As ATOM and RDF became supported, more non-valid feeds and feed format specific problems appeared, but the way to fix it "nicely" is not easy, without deeper rework, because structure of different data sources (like ATOM/RSS/RDF) are per-feed-format specific.

That´s the main reasons, why I´ve decided to throw out existing code and start the complete rework, which will also open new possibilities for data sources and SFNC is not going to be limited for feeds, but will be able to use a different data sources, for example you can make a connection to database and return an array of new messages.

Rework will also give us a possibility to use the core as a standalone pack/library and hugely expands it's reusability.

I´m also thinking about renaming the modification, because as we are not limited to feeds only, we can remove the "feed" from the name. But "SmiX.MODs News Center" is not a proper name for a library which handles messages. In this moment the shortcut "SFNC" remains.

Update (January 2014):
Mod core will be created free of phpBB's functions, OOP makes it very easily reusable for different (not only a BB) systems!
Mod is actually developed as a library on a web site/app powered with Nette framework (but mod itself is only a clean PHP), and phpBB's functions are only used in modules, which are comunicating directly with phpBB, but because this is going to be a primarily phpBB modification, IMHO we have to use a GPL ... (was thinking about relicencing as MIT) ... Have to make a deeper look on this.

Update (April 2014):
As 3.1.0-Beta2 is now available and 3.1 branch finally introduced a modular system, which will make many things much easier to implement, I've decided to make the v0.5.0 firstly for 3.1 branch and than later decide, how to deal (reuse) the code in phpBB3.0.*
What does it mean? Another delay ...

Well, phpBB 3.2 is on the way and still no good way how to implement many features I'd liked to do so in a simple way without studying a phpBB for hours and hours ... I am abandoning all my phpBB work.

Latest update

23rd October 2016
Modification abandoned
16th April 2014
Development continues, but as the phpBB 3.1.0-Beta2 is now available and as 3.1.* branch finally has a modular functionality, I've decided to make the 0.5.x version for phpBB3.1 as first and later to decide how to reuse it in phpBB3.0.*
19th February 2014
Working log handling
6th February 2014
Restructuralized with namespaces, some features for ACP handling
22nd January 2014
Reimplemented phpBB's cache
18th January 2014
Remote handling (curl only) enhanced with errorLogging, phpBB's add_log() not working yet, implemented phpBB's cache and RSS parsing done
14th January 2014
OOP reconstruction almost finished, now deconstructing phpBB's add_log() for multiple debug/error/success message loging
13th January 2014
Reimplementing class/file loading for phpBB