Abandoned 23rd October 2016

After long time, I've finally decided to stop any development for phpBB.
I've waited a very long time for phpBB to make a step forward for modifications and using the maximum of PHP, and as there is no visible progress, I've decided, that I can't wait for ever, so, from now, consider all my modifications for phpBB as abandoned.

SmiX.MODs Feed News Center

Licence: GNU General Public License v2


This MOD is abandoned, no support, no future development.


This MOD is development quality. It is not recommended that you install it on a live forum.


As the mod is development quality, usage requires at least a basic knowledge of phpBB and XML.

Simple installation

Few files to copy and few files to edit

Installation Level: Easy
Installation Time: 5 in Minutes
Format: MODX
MODX inside
  • PHP5
  • phpBB v3.0.6+
    Notice : .MOD is not working with phpBB lower than 3.0.6


Using of this MOD requires a basic knowledge of phpBB and XML!

Follow the development

Ohloh profile for SmiX


ACP_general_configuration ACP_general_configuration

Feed agregator

Agregates and shows actual content of feeds

Under development

Posting bot

Post the content of the feed to your phpBB board (possible to select different poster for different feeds)

Unlimited feeds

Show/import as many data as you wish!

Fully automatic

You can run it in fully automated cron jobs or let phpBB handle it

Simple settings

Standard phpBB's ACP module included

Multiple feed formats

  • Parses:
    • RSS
    • ATOM
    • RDF