Local maintenance and pruned users

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Local maintenance and pruned users

Post by Smix » 13.1.2014 21:05:48

I'd like to announce, that I've done some maintenance here and I want to apologize, that I was unable to answer some questions, but this board was under a huge spam attack, I hope that I've stopped the flood now.

There were more than 1200 users pruned (used filter : registered after 1.11.2013 and never posted), and in that count, I was unable to open and have a look on everyone, if it's a real account or not - so it's possible and I am sorry, if I've accidentaly deleted your account :oops: , please feel free to register again.

I'll try to answer all the questions ASAP.

The other news are, that I'm working on SFNC 0.5.0 (as you should already known http://phpbb3.smika.net/mod/sfnc-development ) and I hope to get this version released soon.
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