Multiple Questions...lack of documentation

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Multiple Questions...lack of documentation

Post by JohnHeatz » 1.10.2013 05:32:56

Hello there!

I contacted through twitter, but after constantly checking the forums, I still don't see responses, maybe anyone can help me here.

I'm using this mod on my site, everything is installed and such. When I go to set up a feed, I give it a name, the feed link, set it to be RSS, then...what's "encoding"? My feeds are coming from multiple WordPress sites, what would be the encoding for those?

After that, I enable the option to "Post content of the feed", select the amount of "Message Limit"; then...poster ID; is it the username, or the ID of the profile? then forumID; then...topicID; what's this? I want this to create a new thread whenever a new feed is received. Finally, post template...what's this?

Then, I suppose I enable the "Displaying feed on the board", but then again...what's "Display template"?

Any help is highly appreciated, I really want to use this on my site, but need some proper documentation for these variables.


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Re: Multiple Questions...lack of documentation

Post by Smix » 3.10.2013 17:00:32

I'm sorry for a longer time of my answers, I'm very busy these days.

Well, as I'm aware that my mod need a minimum of web/xml/phpBB knowledge, but it's still required! Anyway, I'm making my mods as much userfriendly as it is possible. This mod is in a development stadium and settings has to be reworked completely, because many users are not able to set this up correctly. At this moment, it is not the time to do this major overhaul, because there are many core features, which has to be re-invented as first.
  • Encoding is an encoding, in which is the feed. You can left it blank and it will be set automatically on first check or set as "UTF-8" if the check failed.
  • poster ID is a phpBB user ID
  • topic ID left blank or zero, it's not used yet, there are some development test on that, but it's not working yet - it's supposed to post everything into one topic (which you'll specify by the topic ID)
  • Post template is a template of BB-codes (like), which are specific for the feed and user will define the way how the post will look. It's adviced to leave it blank, submit the settings, reopen and than you'll have a list of available BB-codes (like) on top of the input box. If there are none, than there is a problem with the feed parsing.
  • Displaying template is similar to post template, but this will be shown in a ticker block, which is not yet part of the released code.
Thank you for using my mod! I hope I've helped you a bit, if there is still something what is not clear, ask me again ;-)

Have a nice day

Since I´m @ work, I´m very busy ... If you like my work, please reconsider a small donation ;-)
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Re: Multiple Questions...lack of documentation

Post by JohnHeatz » 4.10.2013 06:43:46

Hello there, and thanks for the explanation.

I believe I have it all set up correctly, yet nothing is getting posted. Let me give you the configuration I currently have:

When it comes to General Configuration I have it set as:

Index init: Enabled
Index posting: Enabled
Cron init: Disabled
Cron posting: Disabled
Download function: simplexml (I suppose this should be the one)

Then, on this feed I'm getting from my news-site:

Name: JohnHeatz
Type: RSS
Encoding: UTF-8
Check feed after: hours 0 minutes 15 (after I submit, this gets set to something different, either 0:00 or 1:00, seems random between those two)

Post content of the feed: Enabled
Messages limit: 5 (I suppose this would be the amount of latest posts to check from the feed, right?)
Poster: 2 (I'm still unsure as if this is the ID as seen when looking at the user profile or the username)
Forum ID: RSS Feed
Topic ID: 0
Post template: [blank] (after submitting there are no options on this at all, remains blank without any options)

Displaying feed on the board: Enabled
Display template: [blank]

What am I missing here to get it to work?

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