Trying to configure my first feed

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Trying to configure my first feed

Post by Lonewolf147 » 9.9.2013 16:53:49


I'm really excited about your mod and hope I can get it running on my forum with a little help from you.

I've installed it and have it listed in my .MOD tab. But, I'm unfamiliar with a lot of what I need to do. Could you help step me through setting up a feed? Here's a specific feed I would like to use.

So first I should go into General Configuration. Which options do I enable? What is CRON?

Then I go into Feed List and add a new feed.
The name and the URL are simple enough. But what am I supposed to put in for Encoding?
Under Posting, I check Enable, and then message limit. What is a good number? If I check a feed every 12 hours and the feed posts a lot, should I set this number to 9?
Poster ID and Forum ID are simple enough, but I can't do anything with Topic ID. Do I have to create a topic or will the mod auto create a new topic when it starts to post?
What do I need to put in the Post Template?

I'm not going to use the new ticker, so no need to talk about that.

Ok, one final question. Is there a way to manual initiate a check of the RSS feed so I don't have to wait the amount of time set?

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