Can I actually pull this feed in from Atom 1.0

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Can I actually pull this feed in from Atom 1.0

Post by rachalmers » 30.3.2013 18:58:41

The following archive from is regularly updated. I''d really llike to be able to pull it into phpbb3 via this Mod developed here. But it seems I can't. Is there any way of doing it?
SmiX Mod uses simplexml, and rss - so I'd have thought this would be probably right in there, as it's shown as Atom 1.0 anyway? ... ormat=atom

Feeds: Atom 1.0

List information
Writing to the list
Subscription address
Digest subscription address
Unsubscription addresses
Getting help with the list
Feeds: Atom 1.0
Year 2013
Mar 2013 Browse 456
Feb 2013 Browse 468
Jan 2013 Browse 260

The page header info is as follows.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<feed xmlns="">
<title> Archives</title>
<link rel="self" href=""/>
<link href=""/>

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